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A Lesson in Charitable Giving

L to R: Fezzy, Jonathan Duley (Past Potentate, Saladin Shriners), Ms. Sutherd, Bill Wells, Potentate, Ben Ali Shriners, and Alan Anderson, Development Officer, Shriners Children’s Northern California.

California teacher uses her social media following to raise money for Shriners Children’s

McKenzie Sutherd had an idea for a fun learning opportunity for her fourth-grade class. After her social media account gained some traction, she used her popularity to challenge celebrities to give shout-outs to her students. Actor Jack Black accepted her offer, and within 24 hours, Sutherd had more than 1 million followers. 

Sutherd decided to use this attention for good and came up with a new challenge to raise money for charity. 

“All of these people are giving so much positivity to you, it’s important we give that back to the world,” Sutherd told her students. After some research, the class decided that they wanted Shriners Children’s Northern California as their beneficiary, and they raised more than $50,000 for the health care facility. 

These efforts landed Sutherd a spot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Although she was expecting to only be a part of the virtual audiences, she was surprised by a shout-out and interview with the show’s host and star. 

Now, Sutherd and her friends are challenging both individuals and organizations to race against another person to retrieve an item of significance from the bottom of a giant bowl of Jell-O in 30 seconds. It’s wacky fun for both adults and kids, and it benefits Shriners Children’s. Learn more about the the #SHCJelloChallenge at

To watch the video of the interview with Ellen DeGeneres, visit watch?v=DJJRP7qzgQg.