Burn Awareness Week Kicks Off Annual Burn Prevention Campaign

Home. It’s where kids keep their books and toys, where they play, spend time with family and sleep at night. It’s the place that should signify comfort and safety.

But it’s also the place where most preventable burn injuries happen. Homes are the sites of thousands of pediatric burn injuries every year, including scalds, fire-related injuries and even electrical burns.

Many of these incidents can be prevented with some safety precautions. That’s why, during Burn Awareness Week and all year long, Shriners Hospitals for Children works to increase awareness of burn prevention.

Burn Awareness Week, observed annually during the first full week of February, will take place Feb. 2-8, 2020. As part of the prevention campaign Be Burn Aware, Shriners Hospitals for Children offers educational materials that provide safety tips, in order to help decrease the number of pediatric burn injuries.