SHC Community

Why I Give

Words from our supporters

We receive many letters of thanks and gratitude from families who have received care at Shriners Children’s and were inspired to give back. These are just some of the sentiments from our donors.* We are honored by their words and support.

  1. My daughter was born with clubfoot. I brought her to Shriners Children’s, and you made an amazing difference in her life. Thank you for all that you do!
  2. You offered help to my brother’s child.
  3. I cannot think of a better recipient of a contribution than one I can make to Shriners Children’s to make children’s lives better.
  4. Many years ago, my friend received care at one of your hospitals. She had many operations, and I know her family could never have paid for this. The Shriners took care of everything. So, in gratitude for all you do, I’m sending this small donation. God bless.
  5. Our grandson, whom you helped so much in his early years of life, is now thriving as a college student.
  6. My daughter was a patient when she was 13, and she has been a nurse at one of the hospitals for 21 years. Thanks for all you do!

*Edited to protect donor privacy