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Work Hard, Play Hard

Physical therapist (and Shriner) turns rehabilitation into a team sport

In work and in play, Bill Workman, PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS, keeps his eye on the goal. As a physical therapist specializing in sports injury rehabilitation, he helps aspiring athletes return to the playing field by turning physical therapy into a team sport.

Dr. Workman (center), with fellow Shriners Jeffrey L. Sowder (left), chairman, board of
directors of Shriners Hospitals; and Ben Ali Shriners Past Potentate Chris Chediak (right). 

On Thursdays, Dr. Workman leads kids recovering from injuries through a series of agility and strength-training drills. His “team” is composed of patients in the sports medicine program at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Northern California. More than 200 young athletes have participated in the team training since it began two years ago.

“These athletes are sharpening their movement skills and developing life skills. They learn how to set realistic goals and be active in the decision-making process so the have some control over their destiny,” said Dr. Workman. “They learn to move with confidence, and it is that confidence that will carry them back to their sport. I am pleased to report that the success rate is extremely high for returning to sports without injury.” Dr. Workman’s desire to help kids achieve their goals inspired him to become a Shriner. He became a member of Ben Ali Shriners in Sacramento, California, in October 2019, during a ceremony at the hospital.

“I am humbled to be part of a brotherhood of men that focuses on personal growth and who dedicate themselves to providing care for children and families in need,” Dr. Workman said.