Community Conversations

Community Conversations Winter 2019

Mel BowerDear Readers,

We are pleased and proud to share the latest edition of our corporate magazine, Leaders in Care, with you. December is a special time of year. Sometimes it is referred to as the Giving Season, or the Season of Hope. Both of those themes are integral elements of this magazine.

The generosity, seemingly limitless compassion and com­mitment of countless donors make it pos­sible for Shriners Hospitals for Children to offer our unique brand of care to children and families, regardless of the ability to pay for services. We will be forever grateful for and indebted to our donors for allowing us to improve the lives of children, and give hope to families, for nearly 100 years.

Although hope is intangible and invisi­ble, at Shriners Hospitals for Children, the power of hope can be seen in every aspect of our work and mission. Hope infuses the laughter of children with disabilities who discover that physical challenges need not limit them; shines in the intense focus and effort of a child taking their first step using prosthetics; encourages the research­er’s painstakingly slow, meticulous work that one day will lead to answers and a cure; and fills the physician’s promise to improve a child’s life.

Hope is the bridge between giving up and persevering.

Parents of patients cared for at Shriners Hospitals for Children have said, “Shriners Hospitals gave us hope when we had none,” and “Shriners Hospitals for Children wraps you in hope, and you begin to believe your child will be OK.”

Shriners Hospitals for Children is pleased and proud to be part of our patients’ lives, and to share their amazing stories with you.


Mel Bower
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Shriners Hospitals for Children

Patient Perspectives

We are pleased to be able to improve the lives of the children who come to Shriners Hospitals, and we are humbled and honored by their gratitude.

These two notes are from patients of Shriners Healthcare for Children — Twin Cities.