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Navigating the Journey

Patients and their families use passports to help guide the way through the outpatient clinic.

Kids’ passport program makes outpatient care feel like an adventure

For patients and families first visiting Shriners Children’s, the initial outpatient visit represents the start of their health care journey. But as with any adventure, heading off into the unknown can be daunting. 

To help families navigate the uncharted territory of their outpatient experience, Shriners Children’s Shreveport created a special passport. Featuring Shriners Children’s mascot, Fezzy (a plush bear), the passport helps guide them through the clinic while also offering fun activities. 

During registration, hospital staff marks the passport with each location the child needs to visit that day. For each stop along the family’s journey, the child gets a stamp in the passport. In between stops, Fezzy offers puzzles, games and fun facts to help keep patients occupied and engaged. 

The Shreveport team hopes the passport program equips families with a resource that both reassures and informs during vital initial patient assessments. 

“Families are often surprised at the number of locations and time commitment required during an initial visit,” Colette Murray, director of outpatient services, said. “With our passport program, we hope to show that while the beginning of a patient journey can be lengthy and involved, each stop serves a vital purpose in planning the absolute best course of care for a child.”